All Pentair Haffmans equipment leaves the factory with quality tests, necessary calibrations, as well as instructions for cleaning and maintenance, ensuring its best performance. We recommend the replacement of wear parts and calibration once a year. This is done to maintain traceability, ensure precise and reliable measurements, and meet the highest quality control requirements.

It is essential for the user to perform internal periodic maintenance with trained personnel. Crucially, implementing regular EXTERNAL PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE is carried out by highly trained and certified specialists, using ORIGINAL PARTS.

To facilitate Laboratory management and keep the maintenance of numerous equipment up to date, the best way to implement external preventive maintenance is through an OPEN SUPPLY CONTRACT FOR PARTS AND ON-SITE SERVICES with pre-established dates. This allows the MAINTENANCE CALENDAR TO BE UNDER CONTROL, improves inventory management and order processing. There are also other advantages, including:


Significant reduction in costs:

  • A single travel cost can be divided among most of the existing equipment in the plant.
  • Lower costs for order processing (automatic with an open purchase order).
  • Zero man-hours for travel.
  • Preventive maintenance costs are, on average, 30% lower than corrective maintenance over time.
  • Well-maintained equipment prevents unwanted process stops, product losses, and financial losses.


During the technical visit, the user receives continuous training in operation and internal maintenance practices, ensuring that the equipment is always up-to-date and can achieve the best instrument performance.



Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you with maintenance.+1 847 363 0191

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